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R&D team profile

The professional group consists of 50 research and development employees.
  • R&D Engineer

    With great enthusiasm devoted into e-cigarette design for decades, I have never felt regretful for my primary decision to join this field. I still remember the first day I accepted to take the job of QUIZZ design, of course, it's a decision made after taking all into consideration for months. Whenever I made a breakthrough or achieved even a bit of achievement, I would be full of satisfaction, as it meant a brand new product would come out on the market, which would bring customers an absolutely new and perfect smoking experience. QUIZZ, a newly designed heat not burn product compares favourablely with IQOS. It is equipped with the function of recording smoking puffs automatically, it is also designed to be intelligently swithed when reaching the max smoking time, 3'30". Besides these intelligent function, elaborate mateials, advanced Apple technique, high-end aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, CNC process adopted, controling heat and temperature accurately and precisely, make QUIZZ an outstanding heat not burn product, a hit in heat not burn field.
  • Process Engineer:
    Keeping innovation is my working attitude, devotion to researching materials technology and materials standards for 5 years, I am also specialized in ceramic heating core researching, which contributes to the development of e-cigarette industry. During the past years, I have hosted and organized the programs "Testing Standards of E-cigarette for Vaping", "Experiments on E-cigarette Tobacco and Vaping Oil", "E-cigarette Product Technological Report". With numbers of medium and advanced academic titles, it's my honor to be admitted and accepted by Sunzip and e-cigarette industry.